Yes, Let's

by Wave Envy

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“Yes, Let’s” was recorded at Bard College over the course of six very cold days in January, 2013.

Produced and Engineered by Atticus Reed

Co-Produced by Dashiell Flach

Mixed by Atticus Reed and Dashiell Flach

Home Mastered by Dashiell Flach

All songs written by Wave Envy

Thanks to O-Face, Palm, Dr. Skinnybones, and every other band at Bard College. Feitler Co-Op, Sam Taffel, Garrett Rosenblum, Tom Mark, SMOG, Root Cellar, Friends, Family.


released March 28, 2013

Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez (vox track 2)
Dash Flach (synth tracks 4 & 7, vox track 3)
Miles Joris-Peyrafitte (vox track 3)

All songs written by Wave Envy




Wave Envy Tivoli, New York






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Track Name: I Don't Mind
I see you look into my eyes
so you can tell that things have changed with time, I
know there's something missing in my life
cuz I busy myself with things all week,
when I stop to check in the loss still stings
I try to keep my distance for upwards of a week
Now I'm here beside you falling asleep.

Oh babe, I missed you so bad
and now I'm stuck just always wanting what I can't have
I'm finding it easy to be sweet
and all that troubled love just don't make sense to me
cuz it's automatic when we meet
No I can't control it, I'm too weak
I'll try to keep my distance for distance for upwards of a week
Well I'm here beside you falling asleep.

You drive me crazy but I don't mind
I have my ways to vent it
You make me jealous but I don't mind
I probably should feel it
You've got me crawling but I don't mind
it feels good to be broken
You've got me begging but I don't mind
the love has been awoken.

Lying awake, can't sleep without you're tying
I've gotten my space, I'm ready to combine
I've made some mistake, they're looking so transparent
and so fucking basic to Love capitalized.
Track Name: Plane Crash
Amidst the wreckage of a plane crash
up in the mountains of Bolivia
I'm the survivor of a spiral plunge from heaven above.
Through every village of the Andes
I search for something to remind me of
the life I left when I departed from America.

"Courage is the price
that life exacts for granting peace."
Dismembered limbs and discarded parts
I loved you from the start.
One thousand gallons of fuel
isn't enough to get back with you
dismembered limbs and discarded parts
and love with all my heart.

I loved a woman with the power
She had a husband's name was Roosevelt
and I had suitors coming after me
I had to accept.
But I had a Lockheed named Electra
I flown her solo right away from him
break every record till I disappear across the Pacific.
Track Name: Melatonin
Bells ringing inside my head
it's not always gonna be that way
short shimmering light ahead
still wishing we could sleep all day
Aloft all wasted hours I've stayed
awake in beds that aren't made
across the seams of soiled sheets
I dream of days that aren't spent this way.

Caws cowlin' from yonder way
it's a wonder that we slept so late
can't think of a thing to say
when I've shouted all the words away
Of all the wasted nights I've roamed
a stranger on a sunken throne
the shattered dream of being known
I take it as my Melatonin
keeps me good to go till morning light.

Oh, my melatonin keeps me good till morning light.
I can't pass a weekend night without the cigarette, whiskey party life.
Track Name: Alright
She stays denied my love isn't mine
her eyes belie our loves design.
But love's design is a fractal in my eye
this love device has got me twisting my stye.
It's alright.

All my good intentions are just puzzle pieces on the floor
every time you give another man a glance my heart gets sore
you are such a crystal and I covet you with all my soul
try to understand the way you treat a man can make his whole
life alright.
Track Name: Icycles
Nobody else can change through the winter and an icy storm
I was the first one frozen and clinging to the cabin door
you started shifting in the middle of the coldest night
icicles dripping into a puddle made of melted ice
the power crystal being liquified
and now the surface tension won't subside.

Watching, wishing
more of our bonds were missing
we're just water
meteorological fodder
locked forever
in this cycles of tethers
maybe this time next fall we can be the fog.

You try to call my name just like hanging out and nothing's changed
I am now certain things are never gonna be the same
that's just the way it is didn't you realize what this would mean?
don't tell me you love me or that you wanna share a bed again
I never wanna share a bed again
though I consider you my closest friend
that isn't how I hang out with my friends.

Watching, wishing
more of our bonds were missing
we're just water
meteorological fodder
locked forever
in this cycle of tethers
maybe this time next spring we can be the rain.
Track Name: Sometimes
Living in the haze of old memories I hardly get the chance to know
any of the unfamiliar faces orbiting around the globe
I see angry people waiting never relating shopping in the endless store
always looking for an easy escape and tryna get their hands on more so
sometimes I get scared of the love
that's in my life
and I grow angry inside.
If you look me in the eye sometimes I will break and start to cry
Jesus looks me in the eye sometimes.

Living in a place where everyone knows your name
and thinks you're made of gold
I cannot think to remember a way when living life was bought and sold
I play music all the time and speak my whole mind
make love whenever we're alone
never need to stand in line cuz I know all that I'll ever need to know so
sometimes I get hungry for life
and open wide
like the very first time.
I get an inflated pride sometimes I can't possibly deny
please just poke me in the eye sometimes.
Track Name: Animal Flower
I am one of the roses
littered in the surf they wash ashore with me
like an animal flower
I only pricked her hand and she's let go of me.

Oh how I wish that I could touch your heart
with the fragrance of perfume
I have been washed away in fleeting tides...

You're still stuck on the island
I am taken to places I have never dreamed
there is salt in your eyelids
there is salt on my hands my hair my face my feet.

Send me away my darling baby
give me release from your sweet palms
one with the waves I won't be gone for long...

Send me away my darling baby
give me release from your sweet palms
one with the waves I won't be gone for long
in the sea and in the sun
Oh how I wish that I could touch your heart
with the fragrance of perfume
I have been washed away in fleeting tides
by the power of the moon.
Track Name: Every Night
Every day and I need you more
You've got me crying on the bathroom floor
all alone on the bathroom floor

The love that's inside
needs to breath every night
our bodies rely
need to sleep by your side
I need it every night.

Every day and I need support
every day and you need support
I'm a reliable first resort
try to listen without retort.

I need to prove
I can understand
I'm yours to use
I'm attached to the thread
you're holding in you hand.

But when you're not nice
you can be cold as ice
I'm not yours for scorn
I'm addicted to warmth
you txt to come over
and you just shrug your shoulders
you're wasting my time
what's yours isn't mine every single time.